Useful Information for London Visitors

London is the home of some of the best attractions in the world, and because of this London visitors have to plan their trip in order to be able to maximize their time.

It is important to learn about the major festivities, museums and events that happen all around the city in order to fully understand the best of London.

London Events:

London visitors would be happy to know that this city is sports friendly and cyclists friendly, those who want to experience something new can try the major cycling festival that happens in Prudential Ride London.

This happens every August 1, and cyclists are allowed to ride along the traffic free roads. London visitors can also participate and get to see the famous landmarks in London like the House of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral as well as the Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Experience:

London visitors who want to have a glimpse of London can also include Madame Tussauds London in their vacation plan. The area features the Memories of Her Majesty and visitors can view all of the 23 wax figures of the Queen. It depicts the early years of the Queen until the present time. Visitors can view the 53,000 Swarovski elements featured in a glittering dress called the Diamond Jubilee.

Other events that could be included in the tour would be the tour of the Buckingham palace. London visitors are allowed to see the Palace during the summer. Guests can check the Rembrandt paintings, the Sevres porcelain and the throne of the royal family.

Family Event:

Tourists who are traveling with their family and who want to experience London can see the play Dear Lupin, this is a production stage that features the story of the West End stage. This play features a real-life tale of Roger, a writer for the Sunday Times and his son, this will happen from July to September 2015.

The British Museum:

London visitors who want to know more about London and its history can also visit the British Museum.

The Great Court features some of the best features in London, it features the Parthenon sculptures, the Rosetta stone as well as the Egyptian mummies that is visited by over six million visitors per year.

Other historical areas that visitors can choose from would include the Household Cavalry Museum.

This is sure to satisfy the curiosity of history lovers; it is set in the heart of Royal London and features some of the highlights of the British Army in 1661.

Visitors who would love to see dazzling uniforms of the British Army is sure to love this place. The uniforms are enclosed in glass partition and real helmets are also featured in the place.

The home of Musical Plays

In order to complete London sensibilities, there is a need to include the famous plays in London in the list of must see.

The Phantom of the Opera and the Wicked are just some of the most wonderful plays that are set in the heart of London.

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