London is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world when it comes to entertainment and adventure, but you will find the hardest part of involving yourself in it is often finding out about the events in the first place! There is always something interesting going on and you definitely have to have your ear to the floor and your eyes in a newspapers and magazines if you want to find the opportunity to be involved.

sexy blondeOf course we all take our home town’s for granted a lot of the time, so whether you are looking to branch out, see new things and meet new people or you are visiting London and want to make the most of its eclectic culture, here are our top tips on how to make sure you don’t miss any of those special events!

Do Your Research

Usually the reason you miss a cool play that’s offering cheap tickets or your chance to go to a gallery is because you simply haven’t made the effort to look. Doing this doesn’t take much time and there are a huge variety of ways that you can find this type of entertainment. We advise that you check out some websites, subscribe to sites that will inform you of the things you are interested in and when you are on the tube check out the daily London newspapers. There are dozens of adverts in newspapers that will show exciting new theatre shows and exhibits you can go and see.

Get Talking

Or maybe if you are feeling a little risky you can just do the old fashioned thing and talk to people! When you are at an event with similar people why not use the opportunity to talk to them and if you can steal some ideas off them then great. A lot of people can be intimidated in London but if you are willing to take a risk then you’ll be surprised at how friendly the majority of people are.


Sometimes the old fashioned ways are the best and if you are new to London or an area then why not do a bit of exploring. You don’t always have to know where your end destination will be and if you are lucky then you just might find a hidden jewel like a beautiful coffee shop or a quirky market. We live in a time where GPS can always help get us out of a sticky situation and if you do genuinely get lost then you can always get a taxi.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experience New Things

As with any city, London has such a variety of cultures and people that there is something for everyone. It can be a bit scary to go along to something you are interested in by yourself, especially if it’s new to you, but just realise that there are other people doing the same thing and once you are there you’ll forget all about your inhibitions and enjoy yourself. Remember you have to step out of your comfort zone sometime so why not do it sooner rather than later!

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